Reinventing the self. Not really. Maybe just the site. This site, in fact.

This is a long overdue blog post, so I’ll just go with “better late than never.”


Back in January (did I mention this is long overdue?), I attended part of a workshop in our School of Nursing about e-portfolios. It got me thinking about this website and my general lack of what I would consider to be a formal e-portfolio of any kind. Deciding that perhaps I need some semblance of one, if I am to model these things, I suppose my next project will be a re-imagination of this website. So be on the lookout for changes, additions, and some reorganization in the near future. And thank you in advance for your patience if it looks a mess while it’s all going on. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome as I go through this process. First on my list is to get a CV up. Some people upload or embed a PDF file into their websites, some use the website itself and have pages reminiscent of a resume or CV. Others link to or embed a Google doc. I have not yet decided exactly what I will do but I have had a conversation or two with colleagues and poked around on their sites to see what they do. I’m leaning towards a combination of using the site itself and embedding a Google document.

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